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Mr. Supply Chain

Supply Chain Educational Games


Learning can be fun! Explore our interactive games and activities designed to sharpen your skills in Supply Chain and Project Management. These resources are perfect for professionals looking to learn in an engaging and effective way.

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  • Beer Game by Zensimu: A supply chain simulation where players manage supply and demand in various roles.Play Demo
  • Beer Games: Various interpretations of the classic MIT supply chain game, focusing on the dynamics of supply chains.The Beergame App, Supply Chain Academy, Opex Analytics
  • Lean Game by Zensimu: Factory simulations where players face production process challenges.Play Demo
  • MIT Sloan Beer Game Online: A dynamic system simulation for understanding supply chain complexities.Learn more
  • QuadBlocksQuiz: Supply Chain Edition: A Tetrominoes-inspired game with trivia challenges from the world of supply chain security.Play now
  • SBOM Mixology: Offers a Bill of Materials in a fun way by applying the concept to mixology.Learn more
  • Supply Chain Sprint: An 8-bit game that reflects the modern supply chain as a relay race. Play the game
  • SupplyChainSandbox Jeopardy: A fun and educational experience educating the public about supply chain risk management. Learn more
  • SupplyChainSandbox Trivia: Test your knowledge in Supply Chain security logistics, policy, and technology.Play now
  • The Blue Connection: Centers around circular economy concepts, teaching players about transitioning from a linear to a circular business model.nChainge’s website.
  • The Cool Connection: This game bridges the physical and financial supply chains, emphasizing the impact of financial policies and supply chain decisions on ROI. nChainge’s website.
  • The Fresh Connection: A strategic supply chain management simulation focusing on collaboration across the value chain. nChainge’s website.
  • The SCM Game by MBA Crystal Ball: An online simulation tool creating a simplified model of a supply chain for educational purposes.Play the game